Maersk Careers UAE-Qatar-KSA-USA-UK-Singapore-Canada-India 2023

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Hospital Name Maersk Oil
Job Location UAE
Nationality Selective
Education Equivalent Degree
Experience Mandatory
Salary Range Depending Upon Position
Benefits Excellent
Posted Date May 22, 2023


Maersk Careers UAE-Qatar-KSA-USA-UK-Singapore-Canada-India 2023

Maersk Careers UAE-Qatar-KSA-USA-UK-Singapore-Canada-India 2023


List Of Vacant Positions (New Updates):

L&S Product Portfolio Analyst UAE View & Apply
Pricing Manager UAE View & Apply
Legal Counsel UAE View & Apply
HSSEQ Supervisor UAE View & Apply
Safety & Resilience Assurance Partner UAE View & Apply
Sales Pipeline and Performance Manager UAE View & Apply
Regional Sales Enablement Manager UAE View & Apply
Regional Commercial Analyst UAE View & Apply
Head of SCD WCA UAE View & Apply
Head of Strategic Projects, Port Expenses, and Collaboration UAE View & Apply

Detailed Information about Maersk Oil:

Maersk Oil was a Danish oil and gas company that was a subsidiary of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. However, it is important to note that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Maersk Oil has undergone significant changes. In 2017, A.P. Moller-Maersk announced the sale of Maersk Oil to Total S.A., a French multinational oil and gas company. Following the completion of the sale in March 2018, Maersk Oil was integrated into Total’s operations and became part of Total E&P.

Before its acquisition by Total, Maersk Oil had a rich history spanning several decades. Here is some detailed information about Maersk Oil up until that time:

1. History: Maersk Oil was established in 1962 as the oil and gas division of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. It initially focused on exploration and production activities in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Over the years, the company expanded its operations globally, venturing into regions such as Qatar, Algeria, the UK, Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Operations: Maersk Oil was primarily engaged in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. The company operated both offshore and onshore assets, utilizing advanced drilling and production technologies. Its activities included exploration for new oil and gas reserves, as well as the development and operation of existing fields.

3. Assets: Maersk Oil had a diverse portfolio of oil and gas assets worldwide. Notable projects included the Danish North Sea fields, such as the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC), which consisted of the major oil fields of Dan, Halfdan, and Gorm. The company also had significant operations in Qatar, where it participated in the development of the giant Al Shaheen oil field.

4. Technological Expertise: Maersk Oil was known for its technological expertise in offshore drilling and production. It implemented innovative techniques to enhance oil recovery and improve operational efficiency. The company invested in research and development to advance its capabilities in areas such as reservoir modeling, drilling techniques, and subsea production systems.

5. Safety and Sustainability: Maersk Oil emphasized safety and sustainability in its operations. It adhered to stringent safety standards to protect its employees, the environment, and the communities where it operated. The company focused on reducing its environmental impact through measures such as carbon emissions reduction, water management, and waste management initiatives.

Following the acquisition by Total, the specific operations and projects previously associated with Maersk Oil became integrated within Total E&P. For the most up-to-date information on the company’s activities, I recommend referring to Total’s official website or other reliable sources.

How to Apply for Maersk Careers:

On their website, Maersk Oil Careers makes a clear note of the application process. You must first register your resume online as the initial step. If you meet the requirements outlined in the job description, you must submit your application because Maersk Oil does not accept random CVs. There are two stages to the interview procedure. The initial interview will be conducted by HR. The hiring manager conducts the second interview. You receive an employment offer from Maersk Oil, one of the most prestigious businesses in the world.


Salary and Benefits

Building a culture where workers feel proud of their job and contributions to the organization is encouraged for everyone here. Every person will be inspired and given the opportunity to freely collaborate with their coworkers, resulting in an enriching and stimulating career experience. They will treat you like a member of the family and provide you with the following amazing amenities and benefits in order to support you:

  • Attractive pay scale
  • Respectable and collaborative culture
  • Great networking options
  • Overall flexible working hours
  • Amazing insurance plans
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Free of cost food and drinks
  • Free family meals
  • Financial security plans
  • Medical and health package


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